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Stargazing Lab

The first session starts before the sunset in order to explain very basic concepts about astronomy, telescopes, and photography. After that, you will have opportunities to observe the craters and mountains on the Moon, Jupiter’s Great Red Spot and the rings of Saturn.
You will also have a chance to observe deep sky objects like star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies.

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Telescope Lab

Learn how to use your own telescope.
Do you have a telescope that you would like to learn how to operate or get help with setting up? Our staff members will be on hand at the start of each session to give you a one on one tutorial. Learn how to properly assemble and balance your telescope, align the finderscope and computer, and choose the appropriate eyepieces. We can even help you learn how to find objects in the sky with your own telescope!

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Astrophotography Lab

In these sessions we will show you how to shoot your own stunning images of the stars with your DSLR and a tripod. We will show you four styles of night sky photography, the camera settings required for each one and also how to interact with the image processing software.

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Get ready for a unique experience.

Lab sessions have limited capacity in order to allow attendees to
close and intensive interaction with the telescopes and other resources.


Join us under the stars for a night of stargazing.