Join us under the stars for a night of stargazing.


Make your own planisphere

A planisphere is a simple hand-held device which shows a map of which stars are visible in the night sky at any particular time. By rotating a wheel, it shows how stars move across the sky through the night, and how different constellations are visible at different times of year. Using the materials available on this webpage, you can make your own planisphere out of paper or cardboard. Developed by Dominic Ford.

Star Track - Arduino powered star pointer and tracker

Star track is an Arduino based, GoTo-mount inspired star tracking system. It can point and track any object in the sky(Celestial coordinates are given as input) with 2 Arduinos, a gyro, RTC module, two low-cost stepper motors and a 3D printed structure. Instructions available here


Polar Scope Align App


This app was made to help to compensate for the centering error of the polar scope in equatorial mounts.

SkyView Lite


Point your device at the sky and let SkyView show you when and where the planets, the Sun, and the Moon will be at any time on any date. Constellations fade in and out as you explore the stars in the sky. Satellites including the Hubble Space Telescope and the International Space Station are shown with incredible graphics as they orbit the Earth.



Star Chart is the world's top Augmented Reality Astronomy app that lets you explore the Solar System and Night Sky for free.